Big Brother Technology better than you think

2011-11-30 15:41

The technologies shown in this film are only the tip of the iceberg. Today the intelligence agencies as Mossad, MI6, FSB, NSA and CIA are able to read your mind, pick up and change your memory, induce whatever feeling in all parts of your body (pain, sexual arousal or joy; let you fall in love with someone), let you be a living camcorder, remote control you (killer machine, spy), let you think and speak what they want and you even don't know about it. They can make you a robot! And they can kill you by induced heart attack, choking and other methods. They can even let you commit suicide.

So wake up. Go to all politicians and journalists you know and alert them. I know that most of the journalists and politicians are already mind controlled, on the hook, but you should try to find the little minority being free. It is five minutes to twelve that all mankind is hooked up!