8th February International Day against Mind Control

2016-02-04 16:45


Hommage à Dr. Rauni Kilde on 1st International Day against Mind Control


Dear All,

As you recall, in Berlin I proposed on behalf of the Polish delegation and the originator, the NTV editor, Mr Zagórski, to proclaim the date of death of dr Rauni Luukanen-Kilde, International Day Against Mind Control. You have liked the idea and 8th of February is coming soon, so it’s time to put it into life and pay back the moral debt to her, who made so much for the TI’s movement.

last picture taken of dr Rauni Luukanen-Kilde in Brussels by Henning Witte: we miss you so much Rauni !

On this occasion STOPZET association together with the internet televisions: Swedish - WHITE TV and Polish - NTV propose to all the TIs’ of the world and their allies to take part in the common medial event.

Our aim is to proclaim the International Day Against Mind Control, to pay tribute to dr Kilde and to broadcast most widely via Internet the information about necessity of immediate prohibition of inventing, testing, producing and using the newest generation weapons that can remotely control human behavior.

On this occasion we plan to put online 2 following petitions to sign for you:

1)    To the Polish Parliament about the prohibition of testing those weapons on the Polish citizens and about setting up the special parliamentarian committee to research the issue of secret EU and NATO experiments that were undertaken on us in this matter.

2)    To EP (the letter edited by Mojmir Babacek that you know from Berlin)

We plan at least 3 hours long program block. Our guests in studio will be Mojmir Babacek and dr Henning Witte that you know from Berlin, but we also count on the presence of the other TI friends on Skype or by video.

The first hour will be devoted to dr Kilde’s memory and the necessity of lobbying for the prohibition of weapons remotely influencing human beings’ nervous system.

The second hour will be filled up with the statements of the victims of secret harassing from Poland and from all over the world.

Then we start the debate with the participation of Polish politicians and journalists.

We would like to invite also you to take part in this event.

We ask the representatives of national groups for a short video recording (2-3 min) about the situation of TIs in a relevant country. If there are a few associations in a country, we ask each of them to introduce itself, give the number of members, estimated number of victims of mind control, if it is known, as well as briefly mentioned the most important issues and initiatives. Please send us the recorded video till 5 february into the following address Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen by WE TRANSFER.

The point is to make other Internet users aware of global scale of the problem and the fact that it may happen to themselves at any time as well. In addition, we would like the decision-makers and persecutors realize that their victims start organising themselves and demanding the compensation.

You need not expose your personal details or the face if you don't want. However a tongue of the transmission i.e. English is a crucial element, because the entire meeting and all video materials are live broadcast online, repeated in the evening program. Later it will be put on YT on the special Playlist. In the case your English was a barrier, please record yourself in your mother tongue and provide the recording with English subtitles.

We also want to invite the politicians and journalists, who feel displeasure of the violence applied towards us and would like to hurry with help. They will be invited into the studio in person as well as virtually (via Skype). If you know such people in your countries, ask them to support our event with the brief presentation on video. Best in English, and if it is impossible, then with translation in subtitles into English. A few words will literally be enough in a style like this: My name is, I am representing …, I am supporting etc.

Please, do it as soon as possible, as we will still have to put Polish subtitles and assemble that for Polish viewers in the end. In order to make the work easier for editors, we ask you to mark every recording with a category in English:

TI - for groups and associations of Tis, JOURNALIST, POLITICIAN or DIFFERENT.

We are waiting for your recordings till 4 February and this deadline is intransigent.

At last, we will open a special page for private persons or organizations, which would like to express their support for the movement of TIs. An e-mail address, a full name or a name will be enough for an organization. You will get relevant links and materials soon and we ask- let us do it together.

It is only a small pace and marathon is in front of us, but it is necessary to start one day. Jointly and definitely. See you in NTV!

for NTV – Janusz zagórski

for STOPZET – Ewa Pawela

for WHITE TV – Henning Witte

the link to our baner: http://www.mckey.pl/offers/DWKU-ang.png



Dear All,

The 8th february – the first anniversary of death of dr Rauni Kilde - approaches and, as we promised at Berlin, we would like to honour her memory by proclamation of this date as International Day against Mind Control. Our public at Berlin accepted this idea, so we try now to maintain our engagement and realize this project.

As our budget is limited or inexistent, finally, we opted for the formula of special edition ( at least 3 hours long program ) at NTV, translated into English and with live transmission on the Web ( the 8th February 2016, 12:00 – 15:00 www.niezaleznatelewizja.pl) . Then the whole edition will be repeated in the evening broadcast and put on YT.

Our aims:

to promote International Day against Mind Control (IDAMC)

- to honour memory of dr Kilde

- to lobby for the ban of remote neural arms

- to present to the large public the movement of TI’s all over the world

- to mobilize our allies to support us


We will have a pleasure to welcome Mojmir Babacek and Henning Witte at the studio of NTV . This kind of medial event has his own dynamism but the schema of program is:

The first hour will be dedicated to evoke the personality and work of late Rauni Kilde (Henning Witte). Afterwards, we would like to present the letter of Mojmir Babacek and our associations to PE. Stopzet is preparing a separate petition to Polish Parliament. If we reach to formulate a good text before IDAMC, it will be commented too and so on concerning the others petitions – to others national parliaments or UN – if they exist and they promotors manifest the will, to talk about.

Soon we will put on the Web the special website for IDAMC (for a moment in two languages: Polish and English) and we can present there all these texts and invite our visitors to sign. If Peter help us, every pression of button can be connected with the site of authors of petition and transmit the voices.

However, first of all, we want invite all of you to participate at this event via Skype ( we will try to organize the teleconference) or with the video pre-recorded in English and translated with subtitles into Polish.

I will contact you separately for the details but the main idea is to ask all organizers from Berlin to record, if possible, a short presentation (5-7 minutes) and to send it to us via WE TRANSFER at this address: Den här e-postadressen är skyddad från spamrobotar. Du måste tillåta Javascript för att visa e-postadressen

Normally, we would like give you a possibility to participate actively to our discussion via Skype but the danger of malicious actions of secret services is so high that for elimine the risk of interruption of connection and secure your presence at this event we need the plan B.

We realize that you are very busy and the time for realization is very short ( we need the films for 3 february to put the Polish subtitles) but we hope that it could be possible.

The second part of program will be filled with the testimonies of victims of MC. We wil give the opportunity to tell their stories to 2 Poles ( in studio) and 2 foreigners (on video). Mojmir would also present a dramatic case of harassement in Czech Republic.

In the third hour, we project to organize a debate on the mind control problem with the Polish journalists and politicians present in studio and with our foreign guests via Skype.

If you can mobilize for the occasion your friends or contacts, representants of these “professions” or the others representative persons from your countries, we will be happy to enlarge our circle of disputants. It can be done on video too (the limit date of reception – 3th February).

On our website we project to constitute a Honour Committee where the VIPs could express their support for our struggle ( this time just with the usual data: name + function or title)

Finally, we have invited the associations of TIs from all over the world to participate in the project of IDAMC. You will find the details of the formula of this kind of participation in the separate letter but I ask all the disposers of forums or mailing lists of TI? to promote our initiative on putting my letter addressed to the national groups on theirs websites or on sending it to theirs correspondents. Perhaps, in this way, we can show our number, power and determination.

With Janusz, we sincerely apologize to inform you only now but the level of malicious actions of perpetrators against us since Berlin is quite inimaginable and our work seems a real obstacle race. So see you soon at video or Skype…

Warm regards from Wroclaw

Janusz I Ewa


Dr. Rauni Kilde on chips in Mind Control;

Dr. Nick Begich at the Covert Harassment, 2. World Mind Control Conference 2015;

Dr. John Hall Who are the Targeted Individuals? Mind Control Conference 2015;

Etheric Implants by Dr. Henning Witte on 2. Mind Control Conference Berlin;

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde dead, probably murdered Update 10.2.