Epstein/Maxwell domstols-document med känsliga namn som Prins Andrew släppta, men inte alla

2024-01-04 01:38

I natt svensk tid släpptes äntligen de utlovade Jeffrey Epstein, som förmodligen nu lever gömd i Israel, dokument från processen mot Ghislaine Maxwell, två Mossad-medarbetare. Intresset var så extremt att domstolens server crashade men The Gateway Pundit lyckades komma över handlingarna som kan laddas ner här.

"Three individuals, known in the court documents as Doe 105, Doe 107, and Doe 110, have made appeals. Documents related to Does 105, 107, and 110-110 are being withheld." Dit hör förmodligen Donald Trump.

Obs: inte alla namn som dyker upp i domstolshandlingarna är pedofiler utan folk som utpekat dem eller vittnen och andra som behövdes för att få klarhet i Mossad-härvan.


Photo from 2001 that was included in court files shows Prince Andrew with his arm around the waist of 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. Ghislaine Maxwell is standing to the right. (U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals)


I det första dokumentet nämns Prins Andrew väldigt ofta. Rätt åt denna halvreptiloida lögnare! John Doe och Bill Clinton nämns också ofta.

"One Epstein accuser also listed George Mitchell, Jean Luc Brunel, Bill Richardson, Marvin Minsky, and couldn't remember the names of several other individuals." skriver ZeroHedge.

"Victim Virginia Giuffre states she slept with billionaire Tom Pritzker (another John Doe) "once"

Pritzker is a member of the prestigious Aspen Institute and Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels. ..... Maxwell directed her to have sex with billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin. ......

Billionaire Hyatt Hotels Executive Chairman Thomas Pritzker, identified in Epstein documents, allegedly involved in sexual activities with Epstein victim."

Alan Dershowitz nämns 137 gånger, men det var inget nytt. Finansmannen Glenn Dubins kock Rinaldo Rizzo (document 34) är omnämnd samt Al Gore och Leonardo DiCaprio. Skandalön i Karibien heter Little S.t James.

Fox News inkl fotot ovan:

"The names were unveiled in a series of 40 documents that have been posted to the docket without previous redactions that hid big names including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton's estranged longtime aide Doug Band, Prince Andrew, the late former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and the French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, who like Epstein died while awaiting trial.  ...

Other names unsealed Wednesday included billionaire Glenn Dubin and his former private chef Rinaldo Rizzo. Previously released documents revealed that Rizzo claimed Epstein and Maxwell once visited Dubin's house with a disoriented, 15-year-old Swedish girl who told him the couple asked her for sex and that her passport had been taken. Others mentioned include Tony Figueroa, Limited Brands founder and former Victoria's Secret CEO Lex Wexner, and Epstein accusers such as Johanna Sjoberg and Annie Farmer.

A notable new name is David Copperfield – who was himself accused of sexually assaulting a teen model and is described in the documents as a friend of Epstein."

Och på Newsvoice:

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