Klaus Oberndorfer raped by catholic priest, then convicted for homosexual behaviour in Austria

2016-06-05 12:19


Klaus Oberndorfer, born 1952, was raped by his boarding school teacher in Austrian Salzkammergut, the catholic priest Josef (Pater Ulrich) Haider, in the time between 1963 to 1967. When Klaus complained about that to the local police, not only the priest but also Oberndorfer himself got convicted for homosexual behaviour 1970. The court case number is 14 E Vr 820/70 and 14 Ev 110/70.

20th June 2016 the University of Vienna will have a seminar on the rehabilitation of convicted homosexuals, but Klaus Oberndorfer is not welcome. Sexual abuse of children by the Roman Catholic Church is still hushed up in Austria.

Klaus Oberndorfer met with White TV in Vienna last weekend, where Elisabeth Kammerlander organized a symposium to stop child sex abuse and the forced child abduction by the authorities in Europe.

The Austrian homepage for victims of the catholic church is http://www.betroffen.at/

White TV will continue to shed light on the darkness of the Roman Catholic Church and the authorities harming children.

Listen to the chocking testimony of Klaus Oberndorfer:

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Child sex abuse Catholic Church Austria Salzkammergut from Henning Witte on Vimeo.