Ryssland och Japan bör hållas ansvariga för sina rekordhöga massvåldtäkter

2015-05-15 23:10

Till 70-årsdagen av slutet för andra världskriget har det varit kusligt tyst om alla de miljontals våldtäkter och sexuell tortyr mot kvinnor. Jag trodde först att det var rasism mot tyskar att de över två miljoner tyskor som blivit våldtagna av den röda armén inte blivit hörda eller behandlat rättvist, men nu kommer allt tydligare bevis, att även förlorarnationen Japan har hållit hundratusentals kvinnor i sina ockuperade områden som sexslavar, som fick utan ersättning stå ut 30 till 40 massvåldtäkter om dagen under flera år genom den japanska arméns soldater och även andra civilister, som den japanska staten ville "gynna". Även detta har systematiskt mörklagts och ingen har ställts till svars, inget skadestånd har utbetalats, ingen ursäkt har givits eller blivit hört; precis som med Ryssland.

Det är alltså inte bara frågan om en segernation som Ryssland har utfört historiskt många och vidriga sexualbrott mot oskyldiga kvinnor, utan även att en av de största förlorarna av WW2, Japan, blir skyddat av etablissemanget för sin systematiska sexuella tortyr av kvinnor.

Slutsatsen vi måste dra är, att det är patriarkatet, könsmaktsordningen, som bestämmer vilkas lidanden vi får känna till och blir hänvisade till varje kväll på TV eller andra media, och vilkas lidanden vi inte skall veta om.

Japan har än idag fräckheten att bestrida att det fanns de s.k. comfort women, trots att det finns tusentals vittnesmål och dokument som entydigt bevisar att den japanska staten gav order om alla dessa tvångsbordeller och kidnappningar av minderåriga flickor i nästan samtliga av Japan ockuperade områden.

Vittnesmålen dök dock först upp på 1990-talet, då kvinnorna skämdes och ofta blev utstötta av sin egen familj när den fruktansvärda sanningen kom fram. Så är det även idag i många kvinnoföraktande länder i Mellanöstern och Nordafrika, att kvinnorna skuldbeläggs för att de blivit våldtagna och torterade av korrupta regimer.

Mer kan läsas på globalresearch.ca som nyligen fokuserade på alla skandaler med japanska comfort women.

Här bara ett vittnesmål av många, som ofta har liknande drag:

"* Name Hwang Kumju

* Year of Birth 1922 in Korea

* Drafted Year 1941(aged 19)

* Comfort Station China(near Jirin)

* Year of Return 1945

* Present in 2007 In Busan


The next day, soldiers came and took us away one by one. I was taken to an officer. He was sitting near his bed and asked me to come over. He tried to hug me. I resisted, saying that I would do anything, cleaning, washing and so on. But he ignored me and tried to embrace me again. When I continued to resist he slapped me on the face. I begged him to leave me alone, but he told me to do as I was told, to which I replied I would rather die than oblige him. He grabbed my skirt and pulled it so hard that it was torn from the belt. To this point I was still wearing that black skirt and white blouse I had on when I left Hamheung and had my long hair braided. Left in my underwear, I knelt before him and pleaded with him to spare me. He grabbed me by my hair, pulled me up and ripped my underwear off with a knife. I was so shocked that I fainted. When I came round, sometime later, he was sitting a few paces away from me wiping sweat from his brow. A soldier came in and took me away. I had to grab my underwear around me and wrap myself in my torn skirt. The women who had been there when we arrived said: `o you see what we mean? We won` be able to leave this place alive.

The officers called for us three or four times a day for the first fortnight or so. The new girls were to serve the officers, as they were virgins. The officers didn` use condoms, so quite a few of us became pregnant quite early on, but we were naive and weren` aware of it. I was all right, but those who fell pregnant were injected with `o. 606` They began to feel chilly, their bodies swelled, and they started to discharge blood. They were then taken to the hospital to have an abortion. After this had happened three or four times, they became barren.


Each day when our duties were over, we were supposed to go back to the koya to sleep. But often the soldiers came till late at night or all through the night, and sometimes we were too tired to return to our hut. So, more often than not, we slept at the station. It was bitterly cold there with just a single blanket to cover us. We took our meals in an army canteen, and the soldiers cooked for us. The meals were mainly rice, soybean soup and pickled radish. When we first arrived, we were given baggy trousers, a short jacket, military socks, a cap, black canvas shoes, a padded coat and padded trousers. Later we were given some kind of military training suit. Later still, the supply completely stopped, and we had to wear the clothes that had been discarded by soldiers.

When we entered 1945, the supply
shortage became so serious that we were not given any clothes anymore. The supply of vegetables also stopped, as did that of soy sauce and soybean paste. We had to eat balls of rice cooked in salt water. That was it.

There were no fixed hours for the soldiers to visit us, and officers and the rank and file came at the same time. The officers didn` come often, I suppose because they were afraid of catching venereal infection. On weekdays, each of us had to serve 30 to 40 men, but on weekends there were even more soldiers lined up outside the station, some of them with their trousers down and underpants already off. Some got so impatient that they lifted the curtains and entered the rooms while their colleagues were still going at it. If anyone took slightly longer than usual, they would shout at him hayaku! hayaku!(Hurry, hurry). Those who were facing an imminent battle used all their strength, and some of them wept as they carried on with us. On such occasions I could even feel pity for them. All the soldiers were different. Some came already wearing condoms. Some asked me to put condoms on for them, and some didn` bother to bring protection at all. We were given a box of condoms each, and I initially reckoned that if I didn` have any, many of the soldiers wouldn` come to me. So I threw the condoms away. But the soldiers still came, and I was the one to suffer. While working there, I was never paid. No cash and no tickets were given to me.

....... We hardly saw a female nurse. After continuing like this for about a year, not a single one of us remained in good health. Most of us had been pregnant two or three times or had caught various infections. Women with serious problems were put into isolated rooms and were allocated the use of separate bathing facilities and toilets. When they recovered they were brought back. We were treated in this way up to two times, but if anyone came back ill for a third time she was taken away by a soldier and we never saw her again. There was one girl whose lower abdomen began to fester with yellow pus. Her face became yellow and swelled up. She was taken away by a soldier and never returned. Of the 20 of us who had started out together from Hamheung station, in the end I alone was left. All the others disappeared. Some became ill and disappeared, and some were moved to other places.

The comfort women in the military unit were not treated like human beings. We were beaten almost every day. If we looked at the moon, we were beaten as the soldiers asked what we were thinking of. If we talked to ourselves they hit us again, saying we must be swearing at them. We were told to behave as if we didn` see anything or hear anything. So we walked about with our hands covering our eyes. If we tried to take a walk outside the barracks we were kicked back inside. So we had no opportunity to look around where we were. I don` know what the name of the unit was, nor can I remember the names, the faces or the ranks of the soldiers. I was particularly rebellious and earned more beatings than the other girls. Even now, my ears sometimes go fuzzy, and I can` hear anything for a while. I have strong magnetic strips attached to my knees and hips. If I take these off to have a bath and forget to put them back on, then my knees and hips swell up within five or six hours, and I am unable to sit down.

One day, when I was unable to serve soldiers because my womb had swollen and was bleeding, an officer ordered me to suck his penis. He claimed I was not able to do what he called my `uty` I shouted at him: `` rather eat your shit than suck you!`This made him very angry. He beat me and threw me about, shouting `onoyaro koroside yarouka`ò, something like ` am going to kill you, you bitch` I blacked out, and when I came around I was told that I had been in a coma for three days.

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