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Biden riskerar inbördeskrig i Texas för att massinvandringen ger röster, bara Demokraterna i enpartistaten USA målet

Sunday, 28 January 2024 01:14

Tucker Carlsons intervjuer från den 26 januari 2024 bl a med guvernören och högsta åklagaren från Texas är banbrytande. De belyser faran för ett inbördeskrig mellan Republikanernas delstat Texas samt andra och "presidenten" Joe Biden och hans Demokrater om USA:s öppna gränser mot Mexiko där över tio miljoner illegala migranter har tagit sig in i USA som Bidens röstboskap sedan han blivit president.

Texas har skickat sitt hemvärn som stängt den mexikanska gränsen mot Bidens vilja då över 5000 illegala kom in dagligen. Han har också folk och slussare på gränsen som ska garantera röstboskap till Bidens fördel då Demokraterna i dagsläget inte har en chans att vinna valet november 2024. Flera republikanska hemvärn från andra delstater ska hjälpa Texas. Därför är risken för inbördeskrig allvarlig i USA.

USA:s Högsta domstol, Supreme Court, har dömd att Bidens trupper får ta ner Texas' taggtråd från gränsen, men Texas struntar i den olagliga domen. I USA har de liknande rättsröta som i Sverige.

Demokraternas mål sägs vara en enpartistat i USA med enbart Demokraterna. Som en diktator beter de ju sig redan.



I USA får bara pedofiler göra karriär, The Foundation to Battle Injustice gjorde ny utredning

Wednesday, 24 January 2024 14:51

The Foundation to Battle Injustice står på barnens sida. Här nya utdrag ur deras senaste pedofil forskning om USA:


"The first references to U.S. high-profile politicians, popular actors, directors and successful businessmen being linked to pedophilia and the sexual exploitation of minors began to emerge long before the scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein, a U.S. financier accused of trading sexual favors for U.S. officials and public figures. The investigation is a result of a long and complex work with several sources, including an investigative journalist for a major U.S. news outlet, a former Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign staff member, and a former employee of Protect Us Kids Foundation, a U.S. human rights organization. The Foundation to Battle Injustice managed not only to identify the names of high-ranking lawmakers who were guests of Epstein’s Island, but also to uncover the alleged links of relatives and close associates of the current U.S. president with pedophile organizations. The Foundation identified when and under whose leadership the U.S. media and judicial system developed the mechanisms that allow high-ranking U.S. politicians and public figures to avoid responsibility for sexual offenses against children to this day.  .....

According to the Foundation’s sources, the practice of pedophile orgies and so-called pedophile unions expanded significantly under George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. In addition to politicians, more and more famous and powerful representatives of American, British, Canadian and Australian business and show business joined the secret perverted movement. Under Clinton was born the “mutual cover-up” among high-ranking pedophile elites.  .....

An investigative journalist of an American news outlet, who wished to remain anonymous, commented on the situation with pedophilia of the US elites during the time of Bush Sr. and Clinton:

The information blocks were triggered automatically and absolutely uninterrupted. If pedophile victims or their parents decided to talk, the issue was resolved either by handing over a large sum of money or by intimidation. As a rule, this was usually enough. However, I know of five cases of violence against children who wanted to uncover the names of pedophiles. Alas, I can’t tell you about it yet”.

....  Meta and Instagram (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), have become systematically used by pedophiles for their criminal purposes. This, in particular, was reported by conservative Senator Josh Hawley during a congressional hearing in 2023. Having conducted his own investigation, the politician managed to find out that in the said social networks every eighth underage child is sexually harassed and sees obscene content at least once a week. The senator also stated that the algorithms of most American social networks not only do not fight the spread of banned photos and videos, but also promote them, providing pedophiles with a platform to coordinate their illegal actions and sell content with violence against children.

..  .. under Barack Obama, the pedophile fraternity came out of the shadows again, but in a different capacity: the first bold attempts to decriminalize pedophilia were made, the reputation of pedophiles was whitewashed in public and in the media, and their crimes against children were justified. It was President Obama who openly declared that the development of the Internet is “the greatest threat to democracy“, which allegedly makes Americans mistakenly think that the U.S. Democratic Party “is just a front for a network of pedophiles“.

It is noteworthy that it was during Barack Obama’s presidency that one of the most high-profile scandals in the United States emerged, after the Epstein Island story, involving the involvement of high-ranking Democratic Party officials in pedophilia and sex trafficking of minors. In 2016, the email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, was hacked. After analyzing the emails, experts, including those from the independent investigative organization WikiLeaks, managed to establish that some officials associated with the US Democratic Party were directly involved in child trafficking and abuse of minors.

.....  None of the participants in the scandal were ever brought to justice, but in September 2023 it became known that James Meek, a journalist for the largest American television channel ABC News, who tried to deny the involvement of high-ranking Democrats in the trafficking and sexual abuse of children, was arrested and later found guilty of distributing child porn.  .....

John Podesta under Barack Obama was the informal leader of the pedophile faction. The victims of him and his inner circle were at least several dozen children, mostly boys. As far as I know, they were from the ranks of illegal immigrants.”. ....

“Since about 2010, the American pedophile alliance of politicians and businessmen has set a course for national legalization of pedophilia. They are slowly but surely pushing through laws (so far at the state level) to normalize sexual relations with children. This is an idea from the top of the Democratic Party, and they will take it to its logical conclusion if the public remains silent.”. ......

Measures passed or developed by Democratic politicians to legalize and decriminalize pedophilia at the state level (2016 to 2024)

Even in cases where the abundance and weight of evidence against a pedophile politician from the Democratic Party of the United States does not allow the media to “whitewash” the reputation of the perpetrator, they are sentenced to the lightest possible penalties that do not harm their future reputation and activity as political and public figures. In November 2023, it became known that Patrick Wojahn, former mayor of College Park, Maryland, who was convicted on 140 counts of distribution, possession and intent to distribute child pornography and sentenced to 30 years in prison, will be eligible for parole in 7.5 years. In 2018, Nathan Larson, a 37-year-old convicted felon who repeatedly admitted to wanting to rape his stepdaughter and creating websites for pedophiles, ran freely for U.S. Congress from Virginia in 2018.

.....  Epstein had in his possession secret videotapes of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton participating in sexual orgies.

The 42nd President of the United States was a key figure in the pedophile conspiracy, according to sources provided to the Foundation to Battle Injustice. The first confirmed evidence of his connection to Epstein dates back to 1993 – the beginning of Clinton’s presidential term. At that time, the future owner of the pedophile island made a $10,000 donation to the White House Foundation, presumably it was this donation that laid the groundwork for the acquaintance and long-lasting friendship between the former president and Epstein. Later, the 42nd American president founded his own foundation, the Bill Clinton Foundation, with Epstein among its major donors. According to official records, Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet at least 27 times, including during official trips on behalf of the Clinton Foundation.  ....

“The 42nd President of the United States has not only been to the pedophile Epstein’s Island at least 8 times, but has had sex with minors. This is a fact and it will soon be public knowledge.”

Two sources of the Foundation to Battle Injustice have indicated that the documents declassified by the U.S. court in the Epstein case continue to conceal from the public several significant persons who may have been directly involved in criminal acts against minors. Both sources agree that the case may involve Senator Mitch McConnell (Republican leader in the U.S. Senate), Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, Senator and former 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  .....

A pedophile cabal of businessmen and politicians under Biden has undergone a transformation. This group now tacitly refers to itself as the “Rainbow snake”. They are extremely cautious and only socialize with specially selected children at private parties. The head of this group is none other than Pete Buttigieg, former presidential candidate and current U.S. Secretary of Transportation.”

The Foundation’s source reports that the “Rainbow Snake” is a highly secretive organization that carefully keeps the names of its members confidential. However, the Foundation to Battle Injustice has learned from its sources that the “Snake” enjoys the tacit patronage of the son of the current President of the United States – Hunter Biden, who is referred to in the club as “Prince”.

.....  it is Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, who quietly spreads the influence of the “Rainbow Snake” among both high-ranking pedophiles in the U.S. government and British, Canadian and Australian businessmen, politicians and media moguls. In his high office, Buttigieg enjoys prestige among current U.S. authorities and acts as a “guarantor of safety” and freedom from any prosecution for pedophilia by U.S. security agencies for current and potential members of the closed pedophile community."



World Economic Forum WEF och Davos pedofilernas paradis! Child Sex Workers 'Fully Booked' at Davos, WEF Insider Says

Tuesday, 23 January 2024 00:22

The Peoples Voice:

Thousands of children have been flown into the World Economic Forum under cover of darkness for the global elite’s annual summit in the Swiss alpine report of Davos, according to World Economic Forum insiders who reveal the horrific scale of the elite’s chosen vice.

Dozens of private jets have been turned into child escort carriers to traffic the children across borders and into the vipers’ den, according to sources familiar with the matter.
None of these children have passports and the majority of them do not have any form of identification. Their past is unknown and their future does not bear thinking about.
We have been warning the world about the child sex trafficking industry for years. During this time, the elite have been hiding in plain sight and furthering their plan to normalize and finally legalize pedophilia.
This evil cannot be allowed to continue. We need your help dismantling a 9,000-year-old Satan-worshipping pedophile cult.

Medborgerlig Samling och Alexander Bard Israel-slickare, har förlorat all moralisk trovärdighet!

Tuesday, 28 November 2023 16:43


FrihetsNytt kom med ett viktigt inslag om partiet Medborgerlig Samling och Alexander Bard idag.

"Många judiska väljare söker sig till MED

Tack för dina svar! Är det något mer som du vill tillägga?

– Jag tror att väldigt många judiska väljare har upptäckt Medborgerlig Samling och söker sig till oss, som medlemmar och för att rösta på oss. Med tanke på kampen mellan Israel och Hamas just nu, så finns det bara ett säkert parti i Sverige som står bakom Israel i alla lägen och det är Medborgerlig Samling.

Det är unisont i partiet, vi står bakom Israel mot Hamas. Vi förråder inte Israel bara för att de är tvungna att rensa ut Hamas från Gaza, utan vi står fast att Israel måste få finnas som egen stat med egen självbestämmanderätt. Det är jätteviktigt för oss!"

Som WTV skrev tidigare, Israel-Palestina konflikten är en bra lackmustest. Efter den extremt grymma tortyren och folkmordet som den israeliska regeringen utsätter Palestinierna och framför allt deras barn för, är det bara äckliga och extremt omoraliska människor som ställer sig på krigsbrottens sida!

Fy skäms Alexander Bard, du är extremt omoralisk och en vidrig människa! Rösta aldrig på Medborgerlig Samling!

Och naturligtvis förtigs att Hamas är Israhells kontrollerade opposition. Israel har alltså attackerat sig själv den 7 oktober 2023!


Se även på WTV:

Vi är svenska judar eller har judisk bakgrund och tar strid mot ockupationspolitiken;

Israels/Netanyahus Final Solution/Endlösung för Palestina, samma Nazi-ideologi! Nya bevis Israel vit fosfor mot barn;

Israel skjuter palestinska barn i sina könsorgan för att stoppa framtida barn och tortera maximalt! Israel misstänks även för pedofila övergrepp!;

Nya bevis att Israel ljuger om Hamas baser under Gazas sjukhus;



Samhällets bottensats Socialtjänster skickade LVU-barn till Kurdiska räven och Johanna Möller, morddömd

Monday, 09 October 2023 19:42